Appddiction Leadership Team


Tim Porter

Founder & CEO

Timothy Porter, Founder and CEO of Appddiction Studio spent 10 successful years in the U.S. Army as an Airborne “Sapper” Engineer of the Elite 82nd Airborne Division, Drill Sergeant, Platoon Sergeant and other Leadership positions. Retired SFC Porter excelled in the military becoming an E-7/Sergeant First Class in 7 years. He is also a recipient of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club for Leadership. In 1998, Mr. Porter was involved in a bomb explosion in Korea. The explosion left Mr. Porter missing 4 fingers on his left hand and 2 on his right. Doctors then removed a toe from Tim’s foot to put in place of a finger for functional purposes. He always says, “you truly do not need all of your toes to walk!” Mr. Porter did not let what others would call a disability affect his future.

After the military, Mr. Porter worked two years for Spherion Technology and provided technical support to Fortune 500 client, Dell Technology Inc. Mr. Porter then accepted a position as a Helpdesk Support Technician with the Heart Corporation at its flagship newspaper, San Antonio express-News and over the course of the next nine years, he would be running the department. After leaving the Express-News, Mr. Porter began teaching at the University of the Incarnate Word in the HEB School of Business. Mr. Porter taught mobile application development for Apple and Android devices in addition to additional Management Information Systems “MIS” courses.

In 2009, being an Army Veteran, Mr. Porter taught himself how to develop mobile applications after recognizing the mobile app explosion. Being a highly-trained and skilled soldier, Mr. Porter saw where the marketplace was going and with a will to make a difference he jumped into the market. In 2011, Appddiction Studio, a custom software, mobile application development firm was formed. Mr. Porter set forth to make a change after seeing a young child on the news commit suicide due to being bullied. Mr. Porter immediately reached out to schools after seeing a need and developed Stop Bullies-mobile application to help school districts and communities in Texas and across the United States combat bullying in real time with a mobile app.

Appddiction Studio under Mr. Porter’s leadership continues to expand. Mr. Porter is the anchor for Appddiction Studio Lean Agile Center of Excellence. He is one (1) of five (5) Scaled Program Consultants. Mr. Porter has taught classes from Scrum Master, Product Owner, Leading SAFe, DevOps and more. He has lead the charge in Appddiction Studio’s growth in Agile and Enterprise Transformation. His motto is “Lead by Example”.

Mr. Porter serves on multiple boards in San Antonio. A frequent speaker at Young Men’s Leadership Conferences in Texas. He gives to many schools and local charities because he feels kids are very important. He has one son who he contributes his blessings and humbleness to. Mr. Porter resides in Cibolo, Texas, holding a MBA and is a Scaled Program Consultant (SPC).

Courtni Gaston

Operations Manager

Ms. Courtni Gaston joined Appddiction Studio in January of 2017. As Operations she is responsible for overseeing the production of provision of services ensuring the organization is running exceptionally and meets the expectations and needs of customers and clients and is a member of the Society of Human Resources Management.

Anthony Ortega

Anthony Ortega

Senior DevOps Solutions Architect

Anthony has over 12 years of software development experience across multiple industries and platforms. Ten years of experience in transforming product delivery pipelines to improve time to market and product quality, while reducing risk. With seven years of experience as Senior/Lead Developer and Solutions Architect, Anthony focuses on improving product delivery pipelines, DevOps, and uses Agile principles to enhance and introduce automation through tools.

Anthony has experience implementing infrastructure as a service using cloud services in conjunction with Docker and Puppet. He has implemented automation using cloud environments including: Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rackspace, and Digital Ocean

As an integral part of the team, he builds, tests, and deploys across multiple platforms including: MSBuild, Ant, Maven, JUnit, NUnit, Karma, Mocha, Chai, Qixote, Selenium, Jenkins, and Microsoft Management Release