Mission Statement

For Appddiction Studio, LLC who engages in professional services for commercial and federal agencies the Appddiction Studio Lean-Agile Center of Excellence is a self-organizing, cross-functional, lean-agile transformational management team that drives the transformation of our enterprise to a Lean-Agile way, using the Scaled Agile framework unlike traditional waterfall approaches and methods we are trained, certified, mentored agile practitioners committed to providing and implementing training, process, technology, tooling, culture, governance and contracting changes needed to achieve the business value and benefits of a Lean-Agile way of working.

Five Main Functions of your Agile Center of Excellence


Enable your Agile teams to access subject-matter expertise by facilitating knowledge transfer and documenting best practices.


Provide standards, methodologies, and knowledge for teams to leverage in order to effectively meet organizational business objectives.


Provide training and development and enable engagement based on identified interaction points and adoption strategies to enable organizational growth.


Demonstrate the value the CoE is providing through effective metric setting and ongoing monitoring of Agile’s effectiveness.


Create operational boundaries for Agile teams, and monitor their progress and ability to meet business objectives within these boundaries